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Should I Hire a Pet Sitter for My Cat?

You are getting ready for a well deserved vacation that’s long overdue. You have planned almost everything for it. The only thing left to decide is what you should do with your cat. You obviously can’t take your feline friend with you on a trip. Therefore, you’ll either have to board your cat at your veterinarian or a kennel, ask a friend or a family member to take care of it, or hire a pet sitter. We recommended you go with the third option i.e. hire a pet sitter for your cat. Let’s explore why hiring a pet sitter is the best option!

1. Cats Don’t Adapt Well to New Places or People

Cats stress out when taken out of their routine or environment. Furthermore, they don’t adapt well to new places or people. When taken out of their routine or environment, cats tend to get angry and express their anger by scratching furniture or not using their litter box as they are trained to do. By hiring a pet sitter, you can ensure that your cat’s routine or environment remains unchanged. A professional pet sitter has the necessary education and training in pet care to deal with cats. They are equipped with pet CPR and cat care. They have training on various breeds of cats and are mentally and physically prepared to keep cats safe and healthy until their owner returns. Since pet sitters are trained to interact with cats, they are able to establish a relationship with cats on their first encounter without any hassle. This relationship ensures that your feline behaves in an appropriate manner until you return.

2. Pet Sitters Can Prevent Escape

Cats are escape artists. Few just do it for fun while others escape when they feel uncomfortable or threatened. If your cat decides to run away while it’s left in the care of a friend or a family member, they may not be able to prevent the escape. They may not care about your cat in the same way as you do or a pet sitter would. Pet sitters are trained professionals. They know that a cat is likely to escape the house if it gets the chance. Therefore, they close all escape routes. Moreover, they keep your cat fed and content to ensure that the cat feels comfortable and doesn’t attempt an escape.

3. Help Keep Cat Safe

Cats needs human interaction to stay out of trouble. They are curious and this curiosity often gets them into trouble. A pet sitter can watch over your cat while you are away and take precautions to ensure that your cat doesn’t end up injuring itself. Pet sitters are serious about the safety and well-being of your cat.

4. Love and Attention

Cats crave affection just like humans and dogs. Your cat may feel neglected if your board it at your veterinarian or a kennel. There would be no one there to give your cat the kind of love and attention it desires. Pet sitters know that if cats don’t get the right attention, they will behave in an inappropriate manner. Therefore, a pet sitter will cuddle your cat and play with it to ensure that it doesn’t feel neglected.

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